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there’s a faster way to use facebook with the new uc browser 10.5 for androids

2015-05-29 from: ucwebs

uc browser, the world’s no.1 third-party mobiles browser with 13.69% market share as of april 2015 according to statcounter, updated its androids version to 10.5, by providing a series of sweet new features that gives a more integrated experience, including the ability to manage facebook and your web searches directly from your phones’s notification bar.


download uc browser 10.5 for androids from ucwebs.com or 9apps.com.


facebook is the most popular social networking site in many countries, and uc browser works with facebook to provide users with a complete facebook experience. for instance, uc browser users can get instant facebook push notifications on their phones after logging in to facebook with uc browser. now, the new uc browser offers a richer facebook experience by allowing users to update their status, share photos, and send messages directly from the notification bar!


apart from that, uc browser 10.5 for androids has a 10% faster start up and now also allows users to quickly do a web search directly from the notification bar.


main features of uc browser


uc browser is the no.1 third-party mobiles browser in the world according to statcounter. its popularity attributes to its features that cater to local users demand in different countries. it features a clean yet complete ui and a homepage with easy accesses to local web content and services. it supports multiple, background, and cloud downloading with auto reconnection. intuitive tab management, incognito browsing, night mode, custom themes and gesture control support for video provide you a smoother browsing experience.