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cricket season review: no overdose of cricket in india

2015-05-28 from: ucwebs

 the cricket season has ended, it’s worthwhile to take a look back at the frenzy that swept across the country. during this cricket season, uc browser, the most popular browser in india, provided comprehensive cricket content and services via its in-app uc cricket. thus allowing tens of millions of fans to quickly and conveniently access complete and up-to-date information including live scores, text broadcast, stats, photos and videos. the huge traffic generated by these users allowed the browser to analyze this sports fever, offering a glimpse into how cricket content is consumed and followed from their mobiles phoness.


this year, uc browser witnessed millions of users using uc cricket everyday with over 6.5 million users participating in the guessing game. talking about this cricket fever, kenny ye, head of ucwebs india said: “as the most popular mobiles browser in the country, uc browser witnessed a huge influx of mobiles users. to make sure the services ran uninterrupted, we assigned a special team to keep a close eye on the traffic flow during the recently concluded cricket league.” the most popular team based on fan’s votes was chennai followed by mumbai.


the key findings of the report are: