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sports/cricket apps download witnesses a surge during the cricket season

2015-05-30 from: ucwebs

 - 9apps data reports over 2000% increase in cricket app downloads between march-may 2015 -


cricket is without doubt the most popular sport in the country which can influence every aspect of our economy. 9apps, one of the most popular third party app stores in india, has released a report offering a glimpse on the cricket phenomenon from an app market perspective. according to its report, 9apps has seen over 2000% surge in top 15 sport app daily downloads during the recently concluded cricket series in india, compared with daily downloads during off season. the most popular sport app got up to 250,000 downloads in a single day during the ipl season. download 9apps from 9apps.com.


talking about the download trends, simon shi, head of 9apps said: “9apps is popular among indian users, thanks to its fast and data compression features. we have witnessed a strong growth in sport app download during ipl seasons. we are happy to help so many users connect with their favorite sport.” here are the most downloaded cricket/sport apps during ipl season.


top 15 cricket apps:


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9apps is one of the most popular androids marketplaces globally with a huge audience base as well as an abundant and varied app repository in india.