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new milestone on desktop market: uc browser brings iconic cloud technology to its pc browser

2015-07-13 from: ucwebs

new delhi, july 3rd, 2015 - ucwebs, the developer behind the world's most popular third party mobiles browser by pageview market share (as of 2014 year-end per statcounter), today announced that its cloud technology is now available on uc browser for pc, with the ability to compress data by up to 50%, giving a boost to browsing speed. this is a plus for broadband users around the world who use capped data plans on their desktop computers. after releasing the first version for pcs in the international market two months ago, uc browser is now taking one more step towards fulfilling its commitment to connecting users with a better browsing experience, wherever they are and whatever device they use.


you can now download uc browser for pc via pc.ucwebs.com to have a trial run.


iconic cloud acceleration and data compression

cloud computing technology is one of the greatest strengths of uc browser for mobiles. cloud computing is the foundation of uc browser's key features, such as data compression and cloud acceleration, pause-and-resume download, and many more. now, it is also available on pcs for global fans who also want to have unfettered browsing experience on their desktops - especially those who are using broadband on a data plan basis. the cloud technology is based on a client-server architecture (i.e. browser-server architecture). uc browser’s servers act as a proxy that compresses the data of web pages before sending it to users. this process reduces data consumption by up to 50%. as a result, it can help load web content faster and save data cost for users.

“we are excited to bring cloud technology to global users,” said jerry wen, head of the uc browser for pc project. “we are committed to providing features that cater to users’ needs and we believe we can increase popularity in the desktop environment by providing users innovative products and services.”

other features of uc browser for pc

uc browser for pc is equipped with the important features that its fans on mobiles have come to love. cloud sync, for example, allows users to synchronize open tabs and bookmarks from uc browser for mobiles, so that they can seamlessly switch between uc browser on mobiles and pc. uc browser for pc also has high-speed downloads, with an option to resume when downloads are interrupted, as well as a smart file manager that automatically categorizes downloaded files by type. in addition, uc browser for pc also comes with a preloading feature that loads photos and links beforehand so users can open them instantly later on for non-stop browsing. add-ons, themes, adblock, gesture support and customizable speed dials are also a plus.