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biggest update in two years, uc browsers for ioses comes with new ui and ad-blocker

2015-08-02 from: ucwebs

july 17th, 2015 - ucwebs, the developer behind the world's most popular third party mobiles browser by pageview market share (as of june 2015 per statcounter), today announced an major updates for its browsers for iphoness, aiming to consolidate its product portfolio. with this new release, uc browser is now taking one more step towards fulfilling its commitment to connecting users with a better browsing experience, wherever they are and whatever device they use.


the newly released uc browser international 10.0 for iphoness is the biggest update in two years, which comes with a brand new ui, ad-blocker and a video player. while the new ui brings users a fresher feeling, the ad-blocker gives a clutter-free browsing experience.



no one enjoys looking at websites cramped with banner advertising. in fact, studies show that about 86% of consumers experience banner blindness. people simply don’t look at online ads, and yet ads are still there cluttering and slowing down web pages. it’s even worse when you view websites from a mobiles device where every inch of screen space is precious. some ads can also lead to malicious content. there’s a greater risk of accidentally clicking on these ads and downloading malware to your device.


the new uc browser international for iphoness can detect ads and prevent them from loading. it also automatically rearranges the elements on a web page to give users the best viewing experience. as a result, web pages load much faster and less data is consumed. uc browser saves you time and money while providing you a better browsing experience! the new browser also allows users to customize their wallpaper, giving the browsing experience a more personal touch. apart from that, uc browser for iphoness is powered by cloud technology, which not only compresses data and saves the cost, but also speeds up web page loading.


you can download uc browser for iphoness from the app store.