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uc browser rolls out the biggest update to its androids browser

2015-09-07 from: ucwebs

-with completely changed ui, the new version 10.7 redefines how users can access and discover content on a mobiles browser-

september 7th, 2015: ucwebs, maker behind world’s no.1 third-party mobiles browser with 15% market share (as of august 2015 per statcounter), today released the biggest update in last one year to its mobiles browser for androids users. unlike any other mobiles browsers in the market, uc browser 10.7 for androids is the first of its kind to give its users complete freedom to personalize the way they discover and access web content. it redefines the role of a modern mobiles browser as a content aggregator and distributor. the new browser also comes with a new selection of specially designed background images for an enhanced and classy browsing experience.

fastest access, ease of navigation and resourceful content

uc browser, world’s leading third party mobiles browser, now empowers all of its 100 million daily active users to discover and access the content with brand new customizable homepage offering various options - to make it easier and faster for users to discover and access content - through a manageable card system. they can rearrange the cards (in-app widgets) - such as headlines, top sites, jokes, cricket match, cricket topic, top free apps, opinion, trending video, shopping, and more - according to their own preferences and pin their favorite one to the top. for instance, if you pin the card of headline on the top, you will be able to see and read the news headlines on the homepage immediately after you open the browser.


commenting on the idea behind the major update, kenny ye, director of ucwebs international business department, said, “uc browser is the first mobiles browser to introduce cloud computing. with the new launch, uc browser once again stands ahead of the industry to further consolidate its focus in mobiles browsing experience. this new update will transform the way 100 million users discover and access content everyday.”

with the help of its iconic cloud technology, uc browser is able to achieve the industry-leading web page loading speed. now, it’s one more step towards its commitment to provide better and faster mobiles experience to users around the world.

the latest version of uc browser for androids can be downloaded from google play.