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ucwebs’s ‘super 1000’ outlines detailed qualification process for its we-media platform

2017-10-17 from: 未知

-       super 1000’ to select 1000 we-media contributors with a minimum payout of 50,000 inr per month

-       cricket news blog crickettrolls takes the lead in ‘super 1000’ program

-       records high traction with over 1,300 applications in 30 days


new delhi, april 26, 2017: ucwebs, part of alibaba mobiles business group, has outlined detailed guidelines for writers and content creators to join the ‘super 1000’ program launched in march 2017. the integrated evalsuation will be done under 4 key indicators including page views, content customization, content category and publishing frequency. the uc news content team will review quality and the overall influence of the candidate while keeping in mind content originality and legitimacy before giving the final confirmation. ‘super 1000’ is a strategic initiative for user-generated content in india and part of we-media reward plan 2.0. under this program, ucwebs plans to recruit 1000 we-media writers in india and indonesia who will be able to earn at least inr 50,000 per month, generating varied content across diverse categories.


the program has received more than 1,300 applications since its launch in march 2017. one of the first writers to qualify for the program is crickettrolls, a blog offering latest cricket news, offbeat news, memes and more with an aim to make cricket more fun. the blog enjoys over 3.62 million page views and is earning more than 900 usd per month. besides an upgrade in ad revenue sharing model, the we-media reward plan 2.0 program will open the door of opportunity to the most talented writers in the country. the program saw an increase of 200% and 350% (mom) in its page views of english and hindi we-media content respectively in the past quarter. other than cricket, contributors can also opt to write on entertainment, politics, tech, health, and lifestyle categories.


“users are embracing diverse digital content and their appetite for such content is being met by uc news. according to our data, there are at least 400,000 self-publishers in india, creating a huge scope to grow the market, especially in niche categories. uc news and we-media program aim to meet the increasing demand of varied content by users and build a well-established ecosystem. with our strengths in big data ai, the uc we- media program is opening a gateway to more opportunities in india’s content industry”, said bruce zuo, head-uc news we-media.


anirudh singh, founder, crickettrolls says, “getting on board the uc news platform was one of the best decisions. with uc news, you just have to write good content for your readers and not worry about anything else. in addition to that, you can monetize your content. but the most exciting part for us was the analytics tool provided by the platform. it was so easy to analyze how many page views are we receiving, the kind of articles our readers are liking, and the follower base we are building. we would highly recommend all aspiring bloggers to join the uc news we-media platform.”


anyone with the required qualification can apply or be recommended as a ‘super 1000 we-media’ candidate. accounts with illegal or inappropriate content or accounts lacking originality will be filtered out of this selection. while the application process is easy, ucwebs’s editorial team is on strict watch against illegal content, including fake news, pirates, duplications, and any inappropriate adult content that can erode the reading experience.  an active writer who publishes frequently has a higher chance of being selected.


through this program, ucwebs aims to overhaul the digital content landscape in india. the program encourages customised, long-tail content creators who will contribute to india’s growing content ecosystem. content generators with a distinguished identity along with profound insights, perspective and style will be given priority.


to be part of uc we-media, visit: https://wm.ucwebs.com/

to check the full requirement of super 1000 program, visit: https://wm.ucwebs.com/activity/activity_subsidy


the qualification process for super 1000 we-media program is as follows:

    update account daily is a minimum criteria

●     create at least 20 articles per week

●     focus on original (valuable and meaningful) and unique content rather than copied content

●     exclusively release content on uc news

●     persist in the same vertical field (content category) continuously, with focus & perfection

●     aim to understand preferences of your fans/readers and continue to create content to meet their needs and choices

●   adhere to a healthy operation to ensure the legitimacy of the content shared. practices such as unethical publication of illegal, unhealthy, fraud, infringement, improper marketing and other content will terminate your account